Hamilton Family Charitable Trust

Grant Process

How to Apply

All organizations interested in applying should please

1. Review our Eligibility Requirements, to ensure they meet the Trust’s guidelines, before submitting an application. Always feel free to contact the Trust at (610) 293-2225, or email Jane Somers at jsomers@hfctrust.org, with any questions about funding priorities or procedures before you apply.

Eligibility Requirements

2. Note our application deadlines. All deadlines are firm. Proposals submitted after their respective deadlines will automatically be considered in the next grant cycle.

Application Deadlines

3. Submit an application. We process only applications submitted via our online portal. Please be sure to save your online application draft frequently, especially if you plan to work on it intermittently. Once we receive your application, program staff will contact you if we require additional information or a site visit. The review process will be expedited if your application is complete and data is current and accurate.

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How We Can Help

The Trust wishes to support potential grantees in the application process.

Please call our office at (610) 293-2225 or email Jane Somers at jsomers@hfctrust.org with additional questions about any phase of the application process or login procedure.

Eligibility Requirements

Who Is Eligible for our Funding

Please carefully review the following criteria for eligibility before you submit an application to the Trust.

1. Tax-Exempt Status and Financial Documents
First-time applicants must provide documentation verifying tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. For an organization that is part of a larger group, such as a religious affiliate, the ruling organization’s 501(c)(3) letter will suffice. We require a project budget as well as the organization’s overall operating budget. An applicant with revenue over $100,000 but less than $750,000 may submit either two-year internally prepared, reviewed or audited financial statements. Applicants with revenue over $750,000 must submit financial statements audited by a CPA. All applicants must provide their IRS Form 990, which should not be older than 10.5 months after your most recent year-end.

2. Geographical Focus
The Trust funds projects serving children and youth in Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Camden counties.

3. Population(s) Served
Programs must serve children and youth in grades K-12. College programs are not funded. We generally fund programs whose recipients of direct services are generally in economically underserved areas—more than 70 percent of all participants in the organization’s groups or classes should be eligible for free or reduced-rate lunch in schools.

4. Program Focus
The Trust seeks primarily to fund data-driven literacy-based programs—focused on developing robust reading and writing skills—with a strong history of success. These can be programs that:

  • take place during school hours, after school, or during the summer.
  • take place across school systems, but the funding can support only nonsectarian programming—including within a religious institution.

For potential grantees serving students in earlier grades (K–8), the Trust gives preference to programs that devote at least 70 percent of their time directly to instruction and activities in reading and writing. In high school grades (9–12), the Trust seeks to fund organizations that provide innovative approaches to students in underserved areas for success in higher education, from the college admission process and acceptance through to completion. The Trust also funds job skills training with a proven record of successful workforce placement.

Outside Our Mission

The Trust does not provide funding for:

  • Organizations outside of the counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Camden (unless invited by a board member or the Trust’s executive director)
  • Individuals
  • Projects that involve: human services or capital
  • Endowment funds
  • Other foundations or family trusts
  • Programs focusing on/serving: school assembly, religious education, or college or university students
  • Entry fees for museums or other cultural institutions
  • Projects with unpaid teaching artists
  • Political candidates, parties, or PACs
  • Debt-reduction programs
  • Pilot programs

Notes For Applicants

Please carefully review the following criteria for eligibility before you submit an application to the Trust.

Size of awards
  • First-time Grants generally range from $5000 to $10,000.
  • First-time grants: generally designated for program support.
  • Continuing partners: generally made for either programmatic or operational support.
  • Multi-year grants: requests must be approved in advance by the Trust Office.
    Please call our office at (610) 293-2225 or email Jane Somers at jsomers@hfctrust.org
  • An organization may only apply to the Trust once per year.
  • Consecutive applications: The Trust may request that an organization which has received funding for three continuous years (or more) delays any further applications for support for a year (or more), to expand opportunities for other potential grantees.
  • Reporting: The Trust requires that (within a year of receiving the grant) each grantee provides an evaluation report and financial report on how funds were spent. The Trust is unable to process any subsequent grant proposals or renewal requests until the grantee has provided an interim report through our Grant System.

Application Deadlines

The Trust meets four times a year to consider grant requests. Application deadlines are at midnight on the following dates:

Application Deadline:
February 15
May 15
August 15
November 15

The Trust generally notifies each applicant within 48 hours of each board meeting.

Submit an Application

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